The End

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Since the very first post on Classic Ground back in mid-March 2006, this blog has been about "my beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions related to art, to American popular culture, and to the fortunes of America's greatest gridiron tradition." I started because I had some awful, post-dissertation-research-turned-into-book-and-exhibition writer's block, and I used the blog to unclog the issue. As Notre Dame football embarks on the Brian Kelly era, this blog won't go on that particular ride.

I started just after Charlie Weis's first year and the opening of Brady Quinn's Heisman candidacy. I wrote about things that interested me. 1002 posts, including this one. 2 World Cups. Book reviews. Memories of the San Diego Sockers. Album reviews. Top ND plays.

If you have been paying attention, blog posts have become too few and far between. Classic Ground has served its usefullness for me. And I won't take the metaphorical napalm to the blog, yet, but will keep it up as an archive for now.

The End. Go Irish!


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