FIFA World Cup 2010 predictions

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Four years ago, I went ahead and offered up my predictions for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, and announced that I thought the hosts would win it.

For 2010 in South Africa, my predictions are below, with Spain over Argentina in the Final.

I'll do a periodic check-in to see how lousy I'm doing.

By the way, kickoff times are EDT and taken from

Group A
Fri. June 11 10a Mexico over South Africa
Fri. June 11 2:30p Uruguay ties France
Wed. June 16 2:30p Uruguay over South Africa
Thurs. June 17 2:30p Mexico over France
Tues. June 22 10a Mexico ties Uruguay
Tues. June 22 10a France ties South Africa
Advancing: Mexico (7 points) and Uruguay (5 points)
Going home: France (2 points) and South Africa (1 point)

Group B
Sat. June 12 7:30a Greece over South Korea
Sat. June 12 10a Argentina over Nigeria
Wed. June 16 7:30a Argentina over South Korea
Wed. June 16 10a Greece ties Nigeria
Tues. June 22 2:30p Nigeria ties South Korea
Tues. June 22 2:30 Argentina over Greece
Advancing: Argentina (9 points) and Greece (5 points)
Going home: Nigeria (2 points) and South Korea (1 point)

Group C
Sat. June 12 2:30p England over USA
Sun. June 13 7:30a Algeria ties Slovenia
Fri. June 18 10a Slovenia ties USA
Fri. June 18 2:30p England over Algeria
Wed. June 23 10a England over Slovenia
Wed. June 23 10a USA over Algeria
Advancing: England (9 points) and USA (4 points)
Going home: Slovenia (2 points) and Algeria (1 point)

Group D
Sun. June 13 10a Serbia ties Ghana
Sun. June 13 2:30p Germany over Australia
Fri. June 18 7:30a Germany ties Serbia
Sat. June 19 10a Ghana ties Australia
Wed. June 23 2:30p Germany over Ghana
Wed. June 23 2:30p Serbia over Australia
Advancing: Germany (7 points) and Serbia (5 points)
Going home: Ghana (2 points) and Australia (1 point)

Group E
Mon. June 14 7:30a Netherlands ties Denmark
Mon. June 14 10a Cameroon over Japan
Sat. June 19 7:30a Netherlands over Japan
Sat. June 19 2:30p Cameroon ties Denmark
Thurs. June 24 2:30p Denmark ties Japan
Thurs. June 24 2:30p Netherlands ties Cameroon
Advancing: Netherlands (5 points) and Cameroon (5 points)
Going home: Denmark (3 points) and Japan (1 point)

Group F
Mon. June 14 2:30p Italy over Paraguay
Tues. June 15 7:30a Slovakia over New Zealand
Sun. June 20 7:30a Slovakia ties Paraguay
Sun. June 20 10a Italy over New Zealand
Thurs. June 24 10a Slovakia over Italy
Thurs. June 24 10a Paraguay over New Zealand
Advancing: Slovakia (7 points) and Italy (6 points)
Going home: Paraguay (4 points) and New Zealand (0 points)

Group G
Tues. June 15 10a Portugal over Côte d'Ivoire
Tues. June 15 2:30p Brazil over North Korea
Sun. June 20 2:30p Brazil over Côte d'Ivoire
Mon. June 21 7:30a Portugal over North Korea
Fri. June 25 10a Brazil over Portugal
Fri. June 25 10a Côte d'Ivoire over North Korea
Advancing: Brazil (9 points) and Portugal (6 points)
Going home: Côte d'Ivoire (3 points) and North Korea (0 points)

Group H
Wed. June 16 7:30a Honduras ties Chile
Wed. June 16 10a Spain over Switzerland
Mon. June 21 10a Chile ties Switzerland
Mon. June 21 2:30p Spain over Honduras
Fri. June 25 2:30p Spain over Chile
Fri. June 25 2:30p Switzerland ties Honduras
Advancing: Spain (9 points) and Chile (2 points)
Going home: Honduras (2 points) and Switzerland (2 points)

Round of 16
Sat. June 26 10a Mexico over Greece
Sat. June 26 2:30p England over Serbia
Sun. June 27 10a Germany over USA
Sun. June 27 2:30p Argentina over Uruguay
Mon. June 28 10a Italy over Netherlands
Mon. June 28 2:30p Brazil over Chile
Tues. June 29 10a Slovakia over Cameroon
Tues. June 29 2:30p Spain over Portugal

Fri. July 2 10a England over Mexico
Fri. July 2 2:30p Argentina over Germany
Sat. July 3 10a Brazil over Italy
Sat. July 3 2:30p Spain over Slovakia

Tues. July 6 2:30p Argentina over England
Wed. July 7 2:30p Spain over Brazil

Third Place Game
Sat. July 10 2:30p Brazil over England

Sun. July 11 2:30p Spain over Argentina


Blogger Ivy said...

Where are you watching the games? I'm trying to find out who all will be showing them to plan my month. :) I'll probably throw up a quick and dirty site to keep Classic City World Cup fans apprised.

Thursday, June 10, 2010 2:39:00 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Ivy --

I'm probably going to be DVR-ing most weekday games and then staying away from spoilers until I can watch.

Thursday, June 10, 2010 2:47:00 PM  

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